[Bond24]『Bond 24』撮影開始は2014/12/6の予定 

MI6によると、サム・メンデス監督が再びメガホンを握り、ダニエル・クレイグがボンドを演じる『Bond 24』の撮影が、2014/12/6にスタートするとのことです。

MI6:Start Date Confirmed

Mark your calendars. Set your alarms. Principal photography on the 24th James Bond film will begin on December 6th, 2014.

Filming Bond 24 is starting a month later than 'Skyfall', which lensed on November 3rd, 2011.

Director Sam Mendes will assemble the main cast members in late November for a table read-through of the shooting script at Pinewood.






[Bond24]今年10月より「Bond 24」撮影開始!イタリアはローマのQuattro Fontaneでカーチェイス撮影予定 

「Bond 24」の撮影が、今年10月よりようやくスタートするようです。

MI6-HQによると、イタリアはローマのQuattro Fontaneでカーチェイスシーンを撮影することが、 the Lazio Film CommissionのLuciano Sovenaに確認できたとのこと。

MI6-HQ:Bentornato Mr. Bond

Newly appointed at the helm of the Lazio Film Commission, Luciano Sovena confirmed to Italian press that Bond 24 will shoot on location in Rome at the end of this year if all goes well. Whilst admitting the city has not seen a lot of film action in recent years, Sovena was excited that 007 will be coming, but paperwork still needs to be done.

"I met the producers of the Bond series, Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson," said Sovena, "and we discussed the project. One of the key scenes, among the most spectacular in the film, will be a car chase in Via Quattro Fontane. I'm already excited. I hope that the City streamlines the procedures for the granting of permits, it would be a shame to miss this great opportunity because of the bureaucracy."


Metro:James Bond could be off to Rome in the Skyfall follow-up

Bond 24, which will once again star Daniel Craig as 007, is due to begin filming in October for a November 2015 release.

「007 Skyfall/スカイフォール」に引き続き、サム・メンデス監督がメガホンを取る「Bond 24」。


[Bond24]サム・メンデス監督インタビュー:「Bond 24」は「Skyfall/スカイフォール」の続きのようなものになる 

Charlie Roseがホストを務めるトークショウに出たサム・メンデス監督が、「Bond24」に関して口を開きました!


PBS:Sam Mendes on 'Cabaret'

要約がTotal Filmにupされています。

Total Film:Sam Mendes explains Bond 24 return

Mendes goes on to confirm that while the next film won't pick up the narrative in such a direct way as Quantum Of Solace did when following Casino Royale, it will very much represent a continuation of the themes and feel of Skyfall.

"What we tried to do, and what audiences seemed to embrace in Skyfall was for the first time, characters were allowed to age," says Mendes, "and they were allowed to acknowledge the passing of the years, and could acknowledge the history in a kind of sly, mischievous way."



「Casino Royal」「Quantum of Solace」で宙に浮いたままの要素がいくつかありはしますけど、サム・メンデス監督がメガホンとるなら「Skyfall」の続きで無問題です。文句ありません。


「Bond 24」の公開日は2015/10/23で確定しているので、そろそろ撮影準備が始まるのでしょうか。

[Bond24]脚本草稿の第1弾はほぼ完了。でも詳細はノーコメント!「Bond24」脚本担当John Loganのインタビュー 


2015/10/23UK公開が決まっている「Bond24」について、脚本担当のJohn LoganをつかまえたEMPIREがインタビューをレポートしています。

EMPIRE:John Logan Gives Bond 24 Script Update

“Right now the first draft is almost done,” he told us. “I’m terrifically excited about it! I’ve been working very closely with Sam (Mendes), and it’s been joyous to pick up from our work on Skyfall and just continue on with the storytelling. The new movie continues the themes of Skyfall. Some of the characters and themes that we began to introduce in Skyfall will play out, I hope successfully, in the next movie.”


What many fans are wondering, though, is whether any themes or specific elements from Casino Royale or Quantum Of Solace might be present in the new film – particularly a certain nefarious organisation who remained absent from Skyfall...

“There might be! Honestly, not being evasive, but the great thing about Bond is that I have fifty years of movies – 23 movies and all the Ian Fleming novels and short stories, all of which are fodder. And when I’m working on the new Bond I’m constantly going back to Fleming and the other movies – what are the bits and pieces, what are the resonances- One of the things we learned in Skyfall is that the audience really enjoyed those, they enjoyed when they saw the Aston Martin, they enjoyed when we had references to things they grew up with, either from Ian Fleming or from the other movies, and that’s always been a part of my thinking about Bond.”



It’s occurred to Empire that Craig’s signing on for two more Bond films might just hint at a two-part story, so we asked if Logan also expected to be beavering away on Bond 25. “I’m just trying to get one done first! If I survive this one, we’ll see about the next one!” Yes John, but is it a two-parter? “Couldn’t comment!”

Evidently the laser needed to be shifted a few inches towards the Logan family jewels. A more direct line of questioning was required. Will we see the return of Quantum? “No comment.” Will we see Blofeld in Bond 24? “No comment.” Will there be any other Double-0 agents? A pause, which gave us a quantum of hope. “Ah... no comment!”



最後に「Skyfall」はジェームズ・ボンド50周年で大きな作品となったわけですが、「Bond24」もそれくらい大きいのか?との問いに、Loganはボンドの敵が浮かべるような凶暴な笑みを浮かべて“You ain’t seen nothing yet!”と。




2009年秋にヒュー・ジャックマンとの2人芝居「A Steady Rain」以来4年ぶりにブロードウェイに立ったダニエル・クレイグをB-Wayで鑑賞。

元々、007として世界的知名度を得る前にロンドンのNational TheatreをはじめとするWest Endの舞台でも実力派俳優として高く評価されていたダニエルですが、ボンド映画の撮影もあってそうそう頻繁には舞台に立ってくれないので、貴重な機会。

どうせならブロードウェイよりもロンドンのWest Endに立ってくれる方が断然嬉しいという我儘な本音はさておき、alexも4年ぶりのブロードウェイ。ロンドンは年に数回行くようになりましたが、どーにもアメリカは苦手で(苦笑)。入国前のESTAから、ロンドンより遠くて長い飛行時間から、いまいちなJFKから、バカ高いNY市税から、朝起きたら吹雪いていたという極寒気候から…。ダニエルがブロードウェイに立たなきゃまず行く気にならない都市です。ええ、何かと不便なんですよっ!(←基準がロンドンにあるのが間違ってる)


ということで、Barrymore Theatreで「Betrayal」を何回か鑑賞してきました。


劇場は、47th StreetにあるBarrymore Theatre。
ただ今NYはあちこち掘り返し、どこでもかしこでもビルがお化粧直し中という五輪前ロンドンのような状態で、普段ならピンクのネオンをキラキラさせてどこのキャバクラだよと笑いを禁じ得ないNew York Police Departmentも全く目立たない状態に(笑)

↑お昼。 ↓夜。

>>「[Betrayal]ダニエル・クレイグ&レイチェル・ワイズ主演舞台「Betrayal」鑑賞レポート」 の続きを読む